Established in 1996

Online Flower, Craft and Produce Show for Children

We have classes for children up to the age of 16, including photography, craft, baking and gardening
Closing date for receipt of photos of children’s work is Tuesday 1st September. 
Late entries cannot be accepted:

Download details of how to enter here

We apologise that we are unable to stage a show for adults this year.   Please save your photography, crafts and preserves for next year’s show.  And you can post photos of your flowers, fruit and veg on the @lechladegardeningclub facebook page.

    Trophy donated by Gill Lewington

    Age 4 and under (on 1st September)
    1. Finger painting of a flower. Size A4 maximum
    2. Decorate 3 biscuits. Biscuits can be shop bought

    5 – 7 years old
    3. An edible necklace (string does not need to be edible)
    4. A garden in a recycled container no bigger than 38 cm x 25 cm (eg seed tray)
    5. An imaginary animal made with fruit, vegetables or other plant material
    6. Make a crown or tiara, any medium
    7. Decorate a flowerpot (maximum size 15 cm diameter)

    8 – 12 years old

    8. An arrangement of flowering weeds in a jar
    9. 4 decorated cup cakes
    10. Make a placemat showing your favourite meal. Any medium. Size: A4 max.
    11. A handmade item, any medium (eg fabric, wood, wool, paper, clay, cardboard)
    12. An item made with recycled materials. If not obvious from your photo, please state on your email what items you’ve recycled.

    Photography for Children under 16
    13. Flowers
    14. An animal
    15. Machinery

    Children’s Photography Subjects for 2021:
    Lechlade, Sport, Shoes

Tuesday 1st September:
Last date for emailing your entries
Late entries will not be accepted